About us


Meza Beauty Bar was originally established in 2018, by founders Nibe and Adolphina (Phina) Ngansele. We are a Black Owned brand based in Melbourne, Australia. Our brand has been in the works for almost two years, but we didn’t want to launch until everything was absolutely perfect!


With the help of our brother, we were able to bring a wide range of our ideas to life. Ranging from our quirky names and descriptions to packaging designs. 


The name Meza belongs to our lovely mother who taught us to be proud of our Congolese heritage and culture. We wanted to honour our parents and culture by incorporating some elements in our brand taught to us by our father. This was achieved through naming our products such as; Meza, Koko, Makela, Noire and Sahara. The name Koko was inspired by our mum’s nickname for our dad. A great artist who focuses on African art and empowerment. Let it be the Meza to your Koko. 

Particularly with the name “Noire”, coming from a  french speaking background, this holds a close meaning to us as it translates to Black. We wanted to empower our brothers and sisters by using the name “Noire”. To show the beauty and power which the colour black brings to us. 


Nibe and Phina are two sisters currently based in Melbourne, with a strong passion for fashion, beauty and food. Nibe has a background in fashion design and makeup. Phina is currently undertaking a bachelor of laws, but is also enthusiastic about makeup and fashion. 

We’d like to thank our brother for designing all our products and website, our mum and dad for encouraging us. Our little brother,  friends, and all our extended family members who cheered us on and relentlessly promoted our products and brand.